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SAPERE's P4C resource database provides recommended reading, stimulus material, web links and downloadable resources. You can search in the categories below; by age range, topic/theme and resource type. This database is added to on a monthly basis. If you have any suggestions please let us know by emailing You can receive our monthly online updates with news of P4C training, resources, research and events by becoming a SAPERE subscriber or member on our sign-in page.

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101 Philosophical Problems
An introduction to philosophy. 
Martin Cohen
4 minutes 33 seconds - Music stimulus and guidance notes

4’33” is John Cage’s piece of music in which no note is played.  



People want to talk about the research and would be good to have forum to do this.
Nick Chandley
4Cs posters to use in the classroom

4Cs - critical, creative, caring and collaborative - thinking posters

Nick Chandley
A Crash Course in Logic
Introduces basic principles of logic and critical thinking to students so they can better express their ideas.
Maughn Gregory
A Few Good Men - Enquiry Plan

An enquiry plan based on a short clip from the film 'A Few Good Men'. (

A Journey into Children’s Minds

An introduction to Philosophy for Children through the eyes of pupils at schools in Swansea and Cardiff [DVD]

Sue Lyle
A Life Teaching Thinking

An insight into the life and journey of Matthew Lipman, the founder of P4C.

Matthew Lipman
A Lion in the Meadow
Key concepts - honesty, lies, belief and trust.


Margaret Mahy
A Little History of Philosophy

An engaging history introduces the great thinkers in Western philosophy and explores their most compelling ideas about the world and how best to live in it.

Nigel Warburton
A Rulebook for Arguments

An introduction to logic and argumentation.


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